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An Urban Fantasy Murder Mystery Comedy Visual Novel!

Mythos is an adult visual novel game set in a fictitious version of present-day Baltimore. You follow the story of the main character – which you may choose to be male or female – as they learn of the mysterious death of their ex-girlfriend. Soon, the main character finds themself fumbling through the hidden society of supernatural beings that lurk in plain sight. Some of them are very much like the legends suggest, while others couldn’t be further from what one would expect.

Will our hero piece together the puzzle behind the murder of Lisa Harrison, or will they be consumed by new attention they’ve brought upon themselves?

Mythos will feature multiple choices to solve the mystery, and relationship paths that can be monogamous, harem-based, or even celibate (if that’s the kind of kinky thing you’re in to).

Try before you buy!

Not sure if you wanna pay real money for Mythos? No problem! 

The full current release is available on Patreon and SubscribeStar! If you like it, you can come back here and pay what you like, or you can be a Patreon or SubscribeStar supporter (that comes with benefits)! There aren't enough exclamation points to convey how exciting this is, so I'll just limit it to three!!!!! 

I'm bad at maths.

Updated 4 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(84 total ratings)
AuthorNine of Swords
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAdult, Comedy, Female Protagonist, LGBT, Male protagonist, modern-fantasy, Mystery, Ren'Py, Romance
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen
LinksPatreon, Twitter


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Version 5.0.1
Mythos: Book One v5.0.1 (Mac) 2 GB
Version 5.0.1

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is this one kinda girl or an harem? story?

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Just discover and try the game today… and has been difficult to stop ! I’m at end of episode 3 when writting this review ( end of sunday for me )

  • Story is really interesting to follow and the investigation part is nicely done.
  • Characters are well done, lore book is also wery welcome. Quite hard to choose a love interest path but choosing does not seem mandatory.
  • UI is what you can expect for a VN well done ( included walkthough, optionnal hint system, accomplishment )

Was please to see references to other VNs I think are also good :-)

Thanks Nine of Swords for your story ! Great job you have done and I wish you the best to get it though ( And really hope it will ).

You are a great candicate to my little personnal participation of small independent VN development.

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Oh, finding unexpected Ryan George references in an AVN is tight!

Whats meaningbof the notice me senpai thing i know where it came from butbdoes it have the same meaning here?

Which part are we talking about, here? The Achievement or the Lorebook icon?

The two are actually connected hints. 

the face icon and the achievement do i sense yandere in the mean(:


Qill there be a harem ending?


I was kinda struggling with how to answer this question, but I'll give it a shot.

If you're hoping for a big orgy at the end, you'll be disappointed; Book One is just the first step into a series of shortish games, so while stuff like that could happen in the future, the focus is going to be on the murder investigation and the resolution of that. It's a game with sex in it, but not focused on it.

If you're hoping to see Kylie (or Kyle) with a group of girlfriends that don't hate each other, than that will happen.


who the hell is kylie or kyle? 

Deleted 106 days ago

oh, that explains why i didnt fuck her.
the only other explanation would kylie/kyle sounds like a trans thing, and that would be gay af

Do yo plan to include pregnancy?


I do not. :(

:( another question the lesbian content is avoidable if I choose the male character?


There is no lesbian content for the male character, currently; that's only for the female character. (Incidentally, if you pick the female character there's no straight content.)



(Review is as of Chapter 3. Disclosure: Thor's Hamster is a beta tester for Mythos.)

Mythos is a murder mystery adventure with a healthy dose of ancient lore and the supernatural tossed in to present a fresh, fun and sometimes hilarious take on the genre. When you accidentally find out that your ex-girlfriend — with whom you haven't spoken in over a year — just died, something doesn't feel right. As you start to pick at the circumstances surrounding her death, you discover things about her — and yourself — that challenge everything you thought you knew about the world. What really happened to your ex-girlfriend? And who among your expanding circle of friends and acquaintances can you really trust?


Mythos bills itself as a murder mystery, but there's a lot of unconventional elements here that make the story stand out. Elements of lore — drawn from such influences as Judaism, Greek mythology, and ancient Egypt — are re-imagined to weave a much larger fictional world than the premise would initially suggest. The murder is really just the tip of a very large iceberg, and the fun of the game is discovering just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

The first feature that distinguishes Mythos from most of its peers is that the player can select the gender for the main character. Both a female and male version of the MC are offered; the female version is considered "canon", but both versions are handled very well — particularly in the sexual encounters, where the difference will obviously be the most pronounced. Separate versions of each encounter have been designed for both genders, with the same level of care afforded to each version. Consequently, the game has something for players who prefer to play a female MC as well as those who prefer a male MC.

(Note: regardless of which gender you choose for your MC, the cast of available love interests are all female. In other words, you will play as either a straight male MC or a lesbian female MC.)

The cast of characters is varied and quite interesting. You start the story with several existing friends, and as you begin your investigation, your list of acquaintances steadily grows. Each core character has unique personality quirks that makes them fun to interact with, and they are all memorable. The extended cast of characters includes a number of visual novel crossover cameos and some additional characters that show promise of becoming more central to the plot later on. Some of these are at times a bit more forgettable, but often only because their place in the story is not yet obvious.

The story pacing seems to be spot on, though with only three chapters out so far, it's difficult to say for certain. So far, clues and reveals have been doled out at a healthy rate — not too quickly, but just often enough to keep things interesting and keep the story moving forward.

The world-building behind Mythos is showcased in the supplemental stories that have been written about the characters and their backstory. Dubbed "Tales from Mythos", the stories were originally offered as standalone reading but are now available to read directly within the game. These are text stories only — no visuals — but they offer exciting peeks into the broader Mythos world and some of the elements that seem to be converging on the present-day story.


Mythos visuals are Daz Studio renders, and they look wonderful. The 3D scenes are all interesting to look at; and although the lighting is, at times, a bit one-dimensional, the shots never look flat or difficult to parse. The character design is superb, and the facial expressions are lively but not overdone. Mythos incorporates a lot of fun visual effects to liven up the presentation, including original animated scene transitions, dramatic and often humorous character introduction sequences, cartoon-style visual depictions of key sound effects, and other dynamic moments to really bring the story to life.

Animations were employed in Chapters 1 and 2; these were simple but all well done. Chapter 3 did not include animations, and this trend may continue for future Mythos chapters. If you are dead set on having animated sexual encounters, this might come as a disappointment. Nonetheless, the detailed narrative and the quality of the still shots combine to make the sex suitably titillating, even if not a perfect replacement for a fully animated experience.

SOUND AND MUSIC ★★★★☆ (4/5)

Mythos boasts an almost completely original soundtrack composed by the author. An original soundtrack is something of a rarity in the visual novel space, and an author-composed soundtrack more so. The music is well done and never takes itself too seriously, which is an appropriate reflection of the overall tone of the game itself. Each character and location has a unique musical theme, which adds an additional layer of personality to both people and places.

Sound effects are used throughout, and critical sound effects are accompanied by visual cues (often animated and stylized). The sound effects are good quality and are leveraged appropriately.


Mythos is powered by the Ren'py visual novel engine, and the core of the gameplay is the standard choice-based visual novel experience. However, Mythos adds a number of creative elements to breath more life into the user experience. A "heist" encounter empowers the player to customize who will handle what job during the operation, resulting in a plethora of different ways that the heist might play out. An in-game achievements system rewards the player with custom artwork for different characters (generally nude) in response to unusual circumstances in how they play the game. Easter eggs in various places provide humorous reactions to player interactions. As the investigation gets under way in full force, the player can click on bits of conversations that seem particularly noteworthy, often being rewarded with additional clues to ponder. And the aforementioned "Tales from Mythos", consisting of additional stories that are unlocked at key points throughout the main story, offer players the opportunity to delve into the world of Mythos more deeply.

While all of these features exist with the aim to make the experience more varied and entertaining, some of them work better than others. Many of the achievements are based on such specific and niche conditions that they might never be achieved without prior knowledge of what those conditions are. (Until they are unlocked, they offer no clues as to what they might be.) The easter eggs are similarly oblique, with nothing resembling clear hints to the player that a particular scene might have a hidden gem. Finally, dialogue that hides additional clues has no distinguishing characteristics, so players may not even be aware that an additional clue is available.

The difficult-to-find extras are purely optional, but completionists may nevertheless find their presence vexing. These days, the standard formula for extras like these is to provide adequate hints to players who specifically want to pursue the extras, while still ensuring that they are sufficiently challenged in their pursuit. This is fairly difficult to do in the visual novel format, in which the gamut of interactions that a player can have with the game is limited.

The dialogue of Mythos is funny and witty, with some really hilarious moments and a few instances of brilliant fourth wall breaking. The author has a wonderful sense of humor that really shines in the storytelling and keeps things from ever getting too somber or heavy.

OVERALL ★★★★☆ (4/5)

Mythos has a solid story with a lot of interesting lore behind it, and the story is told in a fun and engaging way. The pacing is on point, and the cast of characters is diverse and distinct. The visuals are well done and include some animation elements that go beyond the basic visual novel experience, and the original musical soundtrack complements the storytelling beautifully. While not the focus of the story, there are a number of sexual encounters to keep things spicy. The "Tales from Mythos" stories expand the world-building and make the main story even more interesting. Mythos is definitely worth a play!


wrong, the game is incomplete, we are ALL beta testers.

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I'm loving it! I've already done a review though, so I wanted to note some mistakes I found.

The big one is that chapter 3 had me as having fooled around with Sophia, which didn't happen. I didn't react to her flirting. It is referenced in the chapter 3 intro and in a bit of dialogue between her and B when they are revealing their past.

The small ones are not a big deal, but if Sophia is meant to never break from using somebody's full name, I found a few instances where she slips at that:

  • In T's diner when she is investigating Gaia's Cradle: "That is peculiar. Either she and Lisa had in-depth conversations about their physical condition..."
  • In her conversation with Aiden in his dad's basement: "You need not stay here. Could Sylvia not relocate you, with her resources...?"
  • In the conversation with B where they are revealing their past: "For all I know, you could have killed Lisa!"
  • In the same conversation she only uses the main character's first name: "That is true, Firstname, but there are other factors here"



So I have played chapter three and I must say..... It's awesome still haven't figured every thing yet but I really enjoyed my playthrough.

One thing that stands out for me is I have never imagined B to be so tall (I mean granted she's taller than Tara but then again who's not!) I always thought Rain was the tallest and that B was the same height as Sofia .

There's a bit of confusion about B's height mostly because in Chapter One she was shown at the same height as Sophia - I only did this so the "Mortal Kombat" joke could work, though. >_>

B is 6'2", Sophia is around 5'8" and Rain roughly 5'6". Tara is an even 5'0".

I admit, however, that I will grow or shrink the models to make certain shots look right, so most of those numbers aren't set in stone. Just chalk it up to Kylie being an unreliable narrator!


any femdom in this game and character name, please?

or dominating personality female character name 

There is a dominant female character love interest in the game. There's also a submissive female love interest - if you play as the female MC, that'd also be femdom, I'd say!

I'm hesitant to say their names, however, as that's a bit of a spoiler.


maybe just say the name and after seeing the name ill tell u and delete that comment please 

Nineofswords, can you please add here any alternative (not mega) download links?

I'm going to be releasing Chapter Three shortly, but there's some other links you can try for Chapter Two:

PC - https://mixdrop.co/f/dqwj6qklinqjpq

Mac - https://mixdrop.co/f/qlrm3l1lbrodgl

Android - https://mixdrop.co/f/mdr9xddls13jn0


This game is one of my favorites right after Eternum

Thank you so much!!!


I'm loving this game so far. The characters are great, the writing is witty and entertaining, the story is surprisingly captivating. I love that while it's an adult game it's not just a shag fest. The story is what really shines here. Also the attention to detail is obvious in the scene transitions, nicknames, character introductions, etc. It really feels like a labour of love. In fact the worst part was that it ended and I have to wait for the next chapter. Keep up the great work! I can't wait to see what's coming next!

Thank you! Chapter Three is so close, now! (No idea how I didn't see these post until today...)

Thank you 9 of Swords for this novel!  

I really enjoy the storyline so far and how it is designed.  The art style of the figures and landscape were great as well.  I liked the nickname picks were programed in based on the first letter of the name you choose.  Also I liked how one could choose a male or female protagonist.  I have not seen that so far in visual novels.  I hope after you finish this novel on your next one protagonist choices are broader and the reactions of the supporting characters are programmed to react similar to how you have done so here.

I cannot wait for the next chapters to come.

Thank you! Chapter Three is coming very soon! I'm not sure about protagonists in the future Mythos games - having the choice was nice, but made things a little more complicated to code. I'll be weighing my options for sure. 

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i´d like to play u r game but there is slight problem i have...

when i load game its ok but, when i launch game and try to start it, it demands that i have to load game but how i load game if i have never played game before?

is it possible that i have got something bad file or something like that.

dang 5 time  at download is one i can play u should look if there is any corrupted links u share.

Oh, how strange! I haven't heard of this error before. Which version are you using (Windows/Mac/Android)?

windows but i figured what caused it.. u see i use my pc at work stuff too and there were some anti virus thing that prevented to load files correctly....

i need lots of security for my work so i didnt think that before i started to load game.

but its good now i also checked roots of those links and they are good and no malfunctions detected, and now u now what kind work i do.

Avast is my employeer.


<- reads your grammar 
gets to "Avast is my employeer."
now i understand why avast is so terrible


Hi, any chance you could add an itch.io app compatible download option? I like to download through the app so it auto updates games, thanks!


Well, I'll have to look into that now -- I actually didn't even know it was a thing! I'll see if I can swing it and mention it in an upcoming update. Thanks for letting me know about it!

Awesome, thanks! I only just learned about it yesterday, its very convenient

i knew there was an app, but didn't know it auto updates.. awesome. does it notify you when an update happens?


Yeah, it lets you know and you can turn on auto updates. Its extremely nice especially when I have so many games


I just found this AVN yesterday and can't wait to play more. I just want to say that I really appreciate having the choice to play a female MC almost no other AVN does that and what's more is that the female protag is really cute! I like your models as well, although I 've seen some before in other games I like how realistic and proportional they are and not have oversized parts. Time to continue playing!  


Thank you! :) So glad you're enjoying it!


Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site.

We can’t connect to the server at chrome-extension.

If that address is correct, here are three other things you can try:

    Try again later.

    Check your network connection.

    If you are connected but behind a firewall, check that Firefox has permission to access the Web.

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Is this for one of the downloads? Which one is it? I had to put this update in Mega because it's too big for itch, apparently. :(

EDIT: I fixed the download links! They should work now. 

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Just the fact you keep people updated more then alot of game devs already makes me want to play this. i wont give a vote yet because im waiting on the download now so i can try it out. but from the shots ive seen im sure i will love it.

okay finished playing it and now i want more. probably one of the better games i have played recently even if short.


I plan on playing this game just not yet

At least until more updates come out

Waiting for updates normally suck

Is this game based off of City of Mist?


It is not. :) The setting is completely my own creation (other than Baltimore being a real city, of course).


I really don't wanna know what celibate is, sometimes ignorance is for the best, but I do wanna know if the name is just for style or if it will in fact be based on Cthulhu Mythos. 

(And also please warn in advance if there will be "monster sex", rape or any crazy shit. I really am not into it, not at all actually)

Hi, there! The game has no connection to Lovecraft / Cthulhu lore, just historical "real world" mythos.

There also won't be any rape at all, let alone if the monster variety. :) 

Thank the gods there won't. And you mean like "urban legends" or creepy historical figures such as Jack the Ripper? Either way, I'll still play the game 'cause I really like games which risk walking the psychological horror path since it takes a lot of creativity. I'll make another comment more "review-oriented" once I'm done with it. 

Urban legends will be part of it, as well as more "traditional" mythology - vampires, fae, sorcerers, et al. 

Though I will warn you that I'm not planning on dipping into horror, since the story is mean to be a comedic murder mystery in the vein of films like Clue, Murder By Death, or (arguably) Knives Out. Not to discourage you from trying it out, of course! I just didn't want you going in without knowing what you were getting in to. 

I just noticed that, for some reason, the tagline wasn't showing at the top of the page, so I rectified that!


I'm back after playing through and I can say that this game isn't just any shit, it's THE shit. First and foremost, sorry for missing the genre of the game, I thought it was going be an experience inclined towards horror due to it's description. And honestly the dry, straightfoward humor of the game is much better! And you managed to blend it well with the mistery, like characters just having a nice, normal conversation with the MC, making jokes and what not until they "talk to much", y'know what I mean? The mood changes so suddenly.

So far the only character that I don't trust by one bit is B for MANY obvious reasons and that note is just one of them (sorry for not being specific, trying to keep everything spoiler-free), and the stuff about the MC makes me believe that everyone else he met including Tara are all involved but I could be wrong and she's just a loyal friend. 

On the technical part I believe that the only flaw for now is not having a "hide" button, but that's just a minor luxury, not really a flaw at all. And something that probably would be useful in the near future is a "relationship point system", since it got a bit confusing about knowing where I was going with each girl apart from Tara and Rain since both were pretty straightfoward on that matter. 

What surprised me were the animations which are almost 100% smooth, something VERY RARE for android. Believe me, I know. And I really liked the lorebook, it's really handy to have something like that in VNs that have a lot of characters, places, factions, etc. 'cause it means that the player won't need to wreck havok on his own brain to remember about a tiny detail that was mentioned ALL the way back in the first chapter, everything is recorded. 

I'll probably playthrough the game again with the female character just to see what changes and to go with different choices. The game has a lot of potential and I have big expectations for it. Can't wait for the next chapter. 

Thank you so much for the review! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I actually didn't KNOW you couldn't hide the text on the Android version -- someone just pointed it out to me yesterday; I'm going to be fixing that in the very near future.